On the little island of Koh Samui, Thailand, David Howell’s family collected natural shells found along the seashores. What was then a small pastime became the very foundation of Marta Howell. Those shells found in the sandy shores of Thailand became the first pieces in the Marta Howell collection.

Inspired from the Gifts of the Sea, every Marta Howell piece is created entirely in Bali, Indonesia. We begin by selecting natural shells from Balinese divers who comb the Indonesian ocean floors. After delicate cleaning, shapes are cut into each shell and then individually selected to be accompanied by semi-precious gems. Once a design has been completed, the piece is passed along to our silver workers who set the piece in sterling silver. Each piece is polished, packaged, and delivered to New York where it eagerly awaits the chance to be shown off. Confident that every piece is designed with the highest of quality, our jewelry has a lifetime guarantee for workmanship and credit-back guarantee for sales.

Our jewelry features exotic shells and minerals, semi-precious stones, opals and fossils. Our newest lines feature Spiny Oyster (Red Shell) with Turquoise from the USA, Mexico and China; Larimar with Blue Topaz and Black Lipped Oyster, gold leafed Moroccan Ammonites with Austrailian Boulder Opal and Tahitian Mabe pearls with White Topaz and Black Whip Coral.

David Howell 


Born on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, David always entertained himself by chasing waves and waterfalls. As a young man, his adventurous spirit carried him to Koh Samui, Thailand, where he opened a dive shop called the Gecko. The beauty he encountered diving in Thailand’s waters inspired him to create what eventually became Marta Howell. Each unique Marta Howell piece is designed by David and handmade in Bali, Indonesia. 

Karren Warnes


Karen has been our wonderful sales representative for 10 years. Originally from Hawaii she is now spearheading our sales division in New York.

Marlena Mlynarska


Born in Rzeszow, Poland and raised between Hawaii and Bali, Marlena is familiar with the beauty that inspires the Marta Howell collections. As a graduate from the University of La Verne in Southern California Marlena learned the intricacies of business development and the start up culture.  She is currently responsible for developing the Marta Howell brand, marketing, and business-to-business development.